EtherCAT Terminals
EtherCAT Terminal Documentation

You also can find the documentations provided on this page in the Beckhoff Information System.
 Project Planning and Installation 
Documentation Version Size
Notes about operation of the EtherCAT Terminal System in potentially explosive areas 3.1.0 english 211kB
3.1.0 german 438kB
3.1.0 french 225kB
Infrastructure for EtherCAT/Ethernet -
Technical recommendations and notes for design, implementation and testing
2.1 english 3242kB
2.1 german 3216kB
System Description 
Product Version Size
System Documentation
- System overview
- EtherCAT basics
- Cable redundancy
- Hot Connect
- Distributed Clocks
- Terminal configuration
5.3 english 11087kB
5.3 german 10803kB
Bus Coupler 
Product Version Size
BK1120, BK1150, BK1250 see K-Bus Coupler
EK1100, EK1101,
EK1100-0008, EK1101-0080,
EK1501, EK1501-0010,
3.7 english 4931kB
3.7 german 4943kB
EK1110, EK1110-0008 2.3 english 1479kB
2.3 german 1484kB
EK1122, EK1122-0008, EK1122-0080,
EK1521, EK1521-0010,
3.4 english 3890kB
3.4 german 3905kB
EK1300 1.0 english 3355kB
1.0 german 3430kB
EK1310 1.1 english 3968kB
1.1 german 4043kB
EK1322 1.0 english 3644kB
1.0 german 3718kB
EK1828, EK1828-0010
2.1 english 2193kB
2.1 german 2204kB
EK3100 1.2 english 13022kB
1.2 german 13034kB
EK9000 2.1.0 english 3221kB
2.1.0 german 3227kB
EK9300 3.2.3 english 3309kB
3.2.3 german 3325kB
EtherCAT Terminals  
Product Version Size
Digital Input  
EL1002, EL1004, EL1008,
EL1012, EL1014, EL1018,
EL1024, EL1034,
EL1084, EL1088,
EL1094, EL1098,
EL1104, EL1114,
EL1124, EL1144, EL1134
4.1 english 4834kB
4.1 german 4859kB
EL1052, EL1054 1.1 english 3447kB
1.1 german 3197kB
EL1202-0000, EL1202-0100,
EL1252-0000, EL1252-0050
2.5 english 5322kB
2.5 german 5040kB
EL1258, EL1259 2.5 english 8220kB
2.5 german 7920kB
2.3 english 5997kB
2.3 german 5711kB
EL1382 2.3 english 4710kB
2.3 german 4397kB
EL1502, EL1512 3.5 english 5655kB
3.5 german 5353kB
EL1804, EL1808, EL1809,
EL1814, EL1819,
EL1852, EL1859,
EL1862, EL1872, EL1889
2.5 english 5154kB
2.5 german 4825kB
Digital Output  
EL2002, EL2004, EL2008,
EL2014, EL2022, EL2024,
EL2032, EL2034, EL2042,
EL2084, EL2088, EL2124
4.7 english 6171kB
4.7 german 5874kB
EL2202, EL2252 3.6 english 5100kB
3.6 german 4799kB
EL2212 2.2 english 7111kB
2.2 german 6815kB
EL2258 2.5 english 8220kB
2.5 german 7920kB
EL2262 2.2 english 5981kB
2.2 german 5721kB
EL2502 2.2 english 4947kB
2.2 german 4626kB
EL2521-0000, EL2521-0024, EL2521-0025,
3.6 english 7131kB
3.6 german 6866kB
EL2535 2.2 english 5158kB
2.2 german 4839kB
EL2602, EL2602-0010,
EL2622, EL2622-0010,
EL2624, EL2652
2.3 english 5053kB
2.3 german 4732kB
EL2798 2.0 english 4311kB
2.0 german 4333kB
EL2808, EL2828,
EL2809, EL2819, EL2889,
EL2872, EL2872-0010
2.2 english 6225kB
2.2 german 5931kB
Analog Input  
EL3001, EL3002, EL3004, EL3008,
EL3011, EL3012, EL3014,
EL3021, EL3022, EL3024,
EL3041, EL3042, EL3044, EL3048,
EL3051, EL3052, EL3054,
EL3061, EL3062, EL3062-0030, EL3064, EL3068
4.5 english 7469kB
4.5 german 7032kB
EL3101, EL3102, EL3104,
EL3111, EL3112, EL3112-0011, EL3114,
EL3121, EL3122, EL3124, EL3124-0090
EL3141, EL3142, EL3142-0010, EL3144,
EL3151, EL3152, EL3154,
EL3161, EL3162, EL3164
EL3174, EL3174-0002, EL3174-0032
6.1 english 9204kB
6.1 german 8903kB
EL3182 1.2 english 4850kB
1.2 german 4608kB
EL3201, EL3201-0010, EL3201-0020,
EL3202, EL3202-0010, EL3202-0020,
EL3204, EL3204-0200,
EL3208, EL3214
5.3 english 6827kB
5.3 german 6499kB
EL3255 2.6 english 5678kB
2.6 german 5357kB
EL3311, EL3312,
EL3314, EL3314-0010, EL3314-0002,
4.2 english 6453kB
4.2 german 6132kB
EL3351 2.4 english 7458kB
2.4 german 7159kB
3.7 english 7278kB
3.7 german 6982kB
EL3403, EL3403-0010,
EL3403-0100, EL3403-0111,
3.5 english 5745kB
3.5 german 5453kB
EL3413, EL3413-0001, EL3413-0120,
4.2 english 7006kB
4.2 german 6722kB
EL3423, EL3443, EL3483 1.2 english 7153kB
1.2 german 6869kB
EL3602, EL3602-0002, EL3602-0010,
EL3612, EL3621-0020
3.6 english 5938kB
3.6 german 5614kB
EL3632 2.8 english 7286kB
2.8 german 6895kB
EL3681 2.4 english 5795kB
2.4 german 5493kB
EL3692 2.5 english 6022kB
2.5 german 5724kB
3.6 english 6773kB
3.6 german 6478kB
EL3773 2.5 english 5475kB
2.5 german 5257kB
EL3783 1.0 english 6603kB
1.0 german 6293kB
Analog Output  
EL4001, EL4002, EL4004, EL4008,
EL4011, EL4022, EL4014, EL4018,
EL4021, EL4022, EL4024, EL4028,
EL4031, EL4002, EL4034, EL4038
3.4 english 5888kB
3.4 german 5581kB
EL4102, EL4112, EL4112-0010,
EL4122, EL4132,
EL4104, EL4114,
EL4124, EL4134
4.3 english 6140kB
4.3 german 5820kB
EL4712, EL4732 2.6 english 6335kB
2.6 german 6013kB
Special Functions  
EL5001, EL5001-0011,
3.6 english 6097kB
3.6 german 5153kB
3.2 english 4346kB
3.2 german 4113kB
2.3 english 4691kB
2.3 german 4505kB
EL5042 1.2 english 3750kB
1.2 german 3501kB
EL5101, EL5101-0010, EL5101-0011,
4.4 english 6795kB
4.4 german 6519kB
EL5151, EL5151-0021, EL5151-0090,
3.4 english 7113kB
3.4 german 6830kB
EL6001, EL6021,
EL6002, EL6022
4.6 english 6308kB
4.6 german 5994kB
EL6070 2.5 english 1612kB
2.5 german 1634kB
EL6080 3.3 english 4922kB
3.3 german 4599kB
EL6090 2.3 english 5098kB
2.3 german 4776kB
EL6688 2.3 english 3299kB
2.3 german 3044kB
Communication Terminals  
EL6224 2.6 english 6627kB
2.6 german 6305kB
EL6601, EL6614 4.1 english 5537kB
4.1 german 5218kB
EL6692 3.1 english 5228kB
3.1 german 4914kB
EL6695 1.2.0 english 6149kB
1.2.0 german 5855kB
Master/Slave Terminals
EL6201 2.2 english 7108kB
2.2 german 6790kB
EL6631-0010 TwinCAT PROFINET Device
(see also
TwinCAT Modules)
3.0.1 english 1707kB
3.0.1 german 1716kB
EL6631, EL6632 TwinCAT PROFINET Controller
(see also TwinCAT Modules)
2.1 english 2316kB
2.1 german 2330kB
2.4 english 6641kB
2.4 german 6319kB
EL6720 2.2 english 4978kB
2.2 german 4645kB
2.5 english 6845kB
2.5 german 7679kB
EL6740-0010 2.1 english 4850kB
2.1 german 4526kB
3.4 english 5137kB
3.4 german 4890kB
2.1 english 2773kB
2.1 german 2692kB
2.1 english 4655kB
2.1 german 4322kB
EL6861 1.0 english 6594kB
1.0 german 6268kB
FC1100, FC1121 1.1 english 523kB
Terminal Modules (E-Bus)  
EM2042 2.0 english 1464kB
2.0 german 1467kB
EM3701, EM3702, EM3712 1.2 english 6731kB
1.2 german 6407kB
EM7004 2.0 english 5103kB
2.0 german 4773kB
Motion Terminals  
EL7041, EL7041-0001, EL7041-1000
4.4 english 7969kB
4.4 german 7442kB
EL7031-0030 1.0 english 7360kB
1.0 german 6833kB
EL7037, EL7047 1.5 english 9299kB
1.5 german 9201kB
EL7201-0000, EL7201-0001,
EL7211-0000, EL7211-0001
3.3 english 10649kB
3.3 german 10621kB
EL7201-0010, EL7211-0010,
EL7201-0011, EL7211-0011
2.4 english 9147kB
2.4 german 11020kB
EL7201-9014, EL7211-9014,
EL7201-9015, EL7211-9015,
EL7221-9014, EL7221-9015
1.8 english 12026kB
1.8 german 13826kB
EL7332, EL7342 3.3 english 7717kB
3.3 german 7365kB
System Terminals  
EL9011, EL9070, EL9080,
EL9100, EL9110,
EL9150, EL9160,
EL9181, EL9182, EL9183, EL9184,
EL9186, EL9187, EL9188, EL9189
EL9190, EL9195,
EL9200, EL9210,
EL9250, EL9260, EL9290
EL9400, EL9410,
EL9540, EL9550, EL9570
3.8 english 2233kB
3.8 german 2268kB
EL9221-4030, EL9221-5000, EL9221-5090,
EL9221-6040, EL9221-9060, EL9221-9080,
EL9222-4433, EL9222-5500, EL9222-6600,
EL9222-6644, EL9222-9482, EL9222-9664,
EL9227-4433, EL9227-5500, EL9227-6600,
EL9227-6644, EL9227-9482, EL9227-9664
1.0 english 5559kB
1.0 german 5348kB
(see EL6201)
EL9505, EL9508, EL9510,
EL9512, EL9515, EL9560
2.1 english 1197kB
2.1 german 1215kB
EL9576 2.5 english 3719kB
2.5 german 3466kB
EX i Terminals  
ELX1052, ELX1054 1.6.0 english 1370kB
1.6.0 german 1375kB
ELX2002 1.5.0 english 1267kB
1.5.0 german 1272kB
ELX3152 1.5.0 english 1273kB
1.5.0 german 1280kB
ELX3181 1.3.0 english 1269kB
1.3.0 german 1275kB
ELX3202, ELX3204 1.2.0 english 1380kB
1.2.0 german 1387kB
ELX3312, ELX3314 1.2.0 english 1350kB
1.2.0 german 1356kB
ELX3351 1.3.1 english 2632kB
1.3.1 german 2641kB
ELX4181 1.2.0 english 1268kB
1.2.0 german 1274kB
ELX5151 1.5.0 english 1273kB
1.5.0 german 1279kB
ELX9012, ELX9410, ELX9560 1.6.0 english 1387kB
1.6.0 german 1383kB
Product Version Size
License key USB stick
for TwinCAT 3.1
1.2 english 141kB
1.2 german 143kB
External ballast resistor
1.2 english/ german/ french 163kB
Fan cartridge for EtherCAT and Bus Terminals
1.6 english 844kB
1.6 german 847kB
ZB9010, ZB9020
cables for EtherCAT and Ethernet
(see Download finder)
patch cables for EtherCAT and Ethernet
2.0 english 2 MB
2.0 german 2 MB
Fibre-optic cables for
EK1501, EK1521
1.0 german 110kB
connector for PROFIBUS
  english 93kB
  german 93kB
connector for CANopen/DeviceNet
  english 93kB
  german 93kB
connector for Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET
1.0 english/
connector for Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET
1.0 english/
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