Housing and assembly

Bus system housing

The BG1568 and BG1569 housings are especially suitable for the construction of compact I/O stations with a higher protection class (IP 65). The housings are supplied with mounting rails. If desired, the housings can be supplied fully fitted with couplers, terminals, flanges and PG threaded fittings. Further sizes are available on request.

Ordering information Bus system housing with inspection window, mounting rails and holes
BG1568 bus system housing 400 mm x 250 mm x 125 mm (W x H x D) with mounting rails and holes
BG1569 bus system housing 600 mm x 250 mm x 125 mm (W x H x D) with mounting rails and holes

Mounting set for EtherCAT plug-in modules

Consisting of an EtherCAT cable and supply plug, the ZS5000-0003 mounting set enables the integration of C6015 and C6017 Industrial PCs into the signal distribution board of the EJ system. The specific PCB dimensions for the connecting cables are indicated in the specifications of the signal distribution board.

Ordering information EtherCAT plug-in module set
ZS5000-0003 C6015/C6017 mounting set for signal distribution board (EJxxxx)


Ordering information Assembly aids
ZB8700 slot screwdriver, assembly tool for pressing the spring force clamps on the coupler and the terminals
Ordering information Torque wrench ZB8800
ZB8800 torque wrench for M8 cables with knurl, incl. ratchet
ZB8800-0001 torque wrench key for M12 for ZB8800
ZB8800-0002 torque wrench key for M8 (for field assembly) for ZB8800
Ordering information Torque wrench ZB8801
ZB8801-0000 torque wrench for hexagonal plugs, adjustable
ZB8801-0001 torque cable key, M8/wrench size 9, for ZB8801-0000
ZB8801-0002 torque cable key, M12/wrench size 13, for ZB8801-0000
ZB8801-0003 torque cable key, M12F/wrench size 18, for ZB8801-0000