KS8000 Communication software

Communication software

The Beckhoff KS8000 communication library provides functions with which it is possible to communicate with the serial Bus Couplers (BK8000, BK8100) or the Fieldbus Box modules (IXxxxx-B800/B810) easily via a serial PC interface. KS8000 can be employed in the form of an OCX by any programming language that functions in accordance with the specifications of the Component Object Model (COM) from Microsoft: VC++, Visual Basic (from version 4.0), Delphi, Java, etc. A KS8000 DLL is also available.


Accessing the process image

KS8000 permits access to the input and output process image of the fieldbus components via the serial PC interface. Such communication transfers the whole of the input and output process image. The time required for this communication therefore depends on the size of the process image (Bus Coupler example: RS232 coupler, 38,400 baud, process image; one word requires about 6 ms, 15 words take about 20 ms).


Interface for LabView applications

The KS8000 contains an interface for the LabView programming software from National Instruments. LabView solutions consist of what are known as front panels, which serve as the human-machine interface, and of a block diagram, which embodies the actual control program. KS8000 provides LabView users with a greatly simplified method of access to all the process data.


Programming examples

Examples are available for the KS8000 communication library in all common programming languages: Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, LabView, Borland C++, Borland Delphi.

KS8000 Communication software
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