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CX5010, CX5020 | Fanless Embedded PC in a compact design

The CX5000 Embedded PC has a robust magnesium housing and is designed without a fan. The Embedded PC is available as the CX5010 with Intel® Atom™ Z510, 1.1 GHz, and as the CX5020 with Intel® Atom™ Z530, 1.6 GHz, and is characterised by its very low power dissipation. The operating system employed is Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard or Windows CE 6.0. The CX5000 has a fixed number of system interfaces. A multi-interface can be configured ex factory, if required, offering scope for numerous optional extensions, from an audio interface up to the connection of fieldbus masters or slaves. The CX5000 is available with a Bus Terminal interface or with an EtherCAT Terminal interface.



CX5010: Fanless Embedded PC with Intel® Atom™ processor and 1.1 GHz clock frequency in a compact magnesium housing


CX5020: Compared to the CX5010, the CX5020 Embedded PC has an Intel® Atom™ processor with 1.6 GHz

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