EtherCAT Terminals for mains monitoring, process control and power monitoring

Highly scalable: EtherCAT I/O product range for energy management has been expanded

Energy management in machine operation and in the energy industries creates a wide range of demands, starting with basic monitoring of the supply network and process control to high-end power monitoring. In response to these demands, Beckhoff has added four new EtherCAT I/O terminals to the existing product range, making an even broader range of EtherCAT Terminals available, which is exceptionally scalable in terms of price and performance.

Together with the proven EL37x3 power monitoring oversampling terminals (and the associated TwinCAT Power Monitoring software library), the new EtherCAT Terminals for energy management provide a comprehensive product portfolio that can be optimally adapted to the varied tasks found in a wide range of applications.



EL3423: 3-phase power measurement terminal for the measurement of relevant data for an efficient energy management system


EL3443: 3-phase power measurement terminal with extended functionality for the measurement of all relevant electrical data of the supply network and simple pre-evaluation


EL3453: successor to EL3413: 3-phase power measurement up to 690 V AC with extended functionality


EL3483: 3-phase mains monitoring terminal for voltage, frequency and phase for the monitoring of relevant electrical data of the supply network