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New Bus Terminal generation | 16 channels in 12 mm terminal block format

Beckhoff has expanded its IP 20 I/O systems by a new generation of Bus Terminals increasing the I/O packing density. The HD Bus Terminals (High Density) feature 16 digital channels in the housing of an electronic 12 mm terminal block. The consistent increase in the efficiency of electronics has reduced the power dissipation in the last few years to the extent that double packing density is possible today. The result is a multiple cost advantage: the space requirement in the control cabinet is reduced and the channel price drops significantly. The 16-channel terminals are available for both Bus Terminals and EtherCAT Terminals. more


Product overview 16-channel terminals

Product overview 16-channel terminals: The new HD Bus Terminals with 16 connection points are available both for the Bus Terminal system and for the EtherCAT Terminal system.

Development steps of the 12 mm Beckhoff Bus Terminals

Development steps of the 12 mm Beckhoff Bus Terminals: The I/O system has been continuously expanded since the introduction of the Beckhoff Bus Terminals in 1996. For a long time, the physical limitation to 8 channels of a 12 mm terminal block was considered to be the measure of all things.