TwinCAT 2.11

TwinCAT 2.11

TwinCAT version 2.11 with numerous new features heralds a new TwinCAT generation. A number of driver optimisations simplifies interchangeability and extendability. The concept is used for the first time in the new TwinCAT Kinematic Transformation supplement.

The option of external real-time synchronisation is another important new feature. This can be achieved through an external clock, such as IEEE 1588, via the EL6688 EtherCAT Terminal, or through a second EtherCAT strand, which acts as timer. In this case, the EL6692 bridge terminal is required. In both cases, the clocks are synchronised and the distributed clocks are calibrated. In this way, a complete network with several CPUs can be synchronised with high precision.

In Motion Control applications, the precise time measurements and high resolution enabled by XFC technology means that any dead times occurring in the system, e.g. due to signal run times or delays in the hardware, can be optimally compensated. The TwinCAT system offsets the dead times automatically, without the user having to carry out complicated calculations. The user is now also able to determine the relevant high-precision axis position at a time stamp supplied by a latched XFC input, for example. Conversely, the system provides time stamps for each axis position.

The error response characteristics in complex, coupled systems with many master and slave axes have been significantly improved. Error responses can now be customised and flexible. The user can select individual error responses.

In the interface between TwinCAT NC, the drives and the PLC a number of convenient PLC libraries were developed that enable defined resets at drives or firmware updates.

The new EL6900 Safety Logic Terminal is now fully integrated in the TwinCAT System Manager and enables convenient project design of safety applications. It can be used for the new blocks (TwoHand, Muting, EDM, RS, SR, TON, TOFF, Hydraulic Valve, Connection Shutdown) as well as the additional 128 connections in 32 groups. Automatic restoration of safety programs after a replacement of the Logic Terminal is another significant new feature in TwinCAT version 2.11. If the Logic Terminal has to be replaced, this can be done without redevelopment or configuration of the safety program. Handling of safety programs in the field is therefore significantly simplified. In addition, TwinCAT 2.11 enables simple integration of FSoE slaves from other manufacturers.

TwinCAT 2.11


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